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Must I use the asbestos abatement company recommended by my insurance company?

No. You have a choice. We highly recommend you talk with several asbestos abatement companies and listen to how they will solve your problem.

What should I look for in an asbestos abatement company?

Here are a few items to explore:

  • Professional work experience. Are technicians trained and certified?
  • Dependability. Check ratings on Google and other sites to determine promptness, quality assurance, and service records.
  • Is the business locally owned? You may want a company with community relationships.
  • Technological expertise? Innovation in the asbestos abatement industry has created a gap in knowledge for some companies. Be sure any company you talk to follows the strict guidelines set forth by OSHA, EPA, and CDPHE.

What questions should I be asking my claims representative?

  • Is my claim covered?
  • Are there any exclusions in my policy that might affect this claim?
  • What if the abatement costs exceed the limits on my policy?
  • Will the insurance company cover all costs associated with asbestos?
  • How are the expenses of the asbestos abatement project handled?
  • Who is authorized to settle my claim?

How long will the asbestos abatement process take?

Asbestos abatement costs will vary depending on the amount of asbestos and where the asbestos is found.

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