What You Should Know About Methamphetamine Contaminated Properties

black out house

If you think your property served as meth lab or had methamphetamine present at one time or another, you should have it assessed and decontaminated. Information on testing and cleanup of property is available on the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment site. Refer to this article for more information on methamphetamine and its effect on your health.

Professional certification. If a property in CO is a suspected former meth house, realtors and property managers need to be aware of Colorado statutes and regulations regarding clean-up. According to CO law, properties contaminated by meth use must be cleaned up in accordance with standards established by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. This is a rigorous process that must be done by professionals. As an environmental firm, Paragon Environmental has undergone training and is certified to provide cleanup as needed.

What are the signs of a former meth house? One of the first things you may notice is strange odors emanating from the property. These smells may indicate a toxic environment. Often, chemical containers and waste may be spotted around the property, along with windows that have been blacked out. Sometimes, a property suspected of being a meth lab will have their blinds drawn but also have severe bright lighting that shows through the gaps of blinds or curtains. Another suspected sign is the coming or going of vehicles at odd hours. Longmont CO has published a good article on their website regarding meth affected properties.

What is the problem with a former meth house? According to the CDC, drug residue, as discussed below, will have adverse effects on any occupant of a former meth house. Poor ventilation, sometimes caused by the sealed windows and closed blinds, prevent odors from escaping the house. This in turn increases the possibility of combustion and the danger of inhaling toxic fumes. Meth homes frequently operate without electricity or running water, which increases the chance of toxicity.

Can a former meth lab be occupied safely? The answer is no. Residual meth contamination is unhealthy. Exposed occupants, and particularly young children, can be exposed to drug residues – which, in all likelihood, remain on the surfaces of the home. CO regulations have recently changed because former residents of meth houses, who were unaware of the drug situation at the time, have developed adverse health effects. Former meth houses must undergo contamination procedures before they can be occupied safely.

Meth clean-up. Meth labs can have chemicals and equipment that can seriously injure or kill you, so this is best left to experienced professionals. The regulations regarding cleanup and inspections of meth affected areas require a preliminary assessment of the property. Once the preliminary assessment has been completed, if contamination is present above the regulatory standards, the site must be cleaned up. Options available to you include decontamination of the site or demolition.

For additional information, please reference the Denver Gazette, which has published an article on Meth Contamination. Decontamination must be conducted by licensed contractors who will follow the state regulated procedures for meth clean up. Paragon Environmental has been recently certified by the State of CO to perform clean up of meth properties. If you encounter such an occurrence, please call us at 303-529-1257 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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