Weather Disasters: Excessive Rain Causing Damage To Your Home Or Office

wild storm on the sea with sun beam from the cloudy skies

We’re in that season of heavy, sudden rainfalls. While it may feel good when a rain storm sweeps the area, harsh rainfall can be damaging to your home. Rainfall in the summer can also bring hail, which can cause quite a bit of damage to your windows and roof. And at the opposite end of the home, forceful rains can damage your foundation. Flooding, cracks in the foundation and soil erosion can lead to severe damage.

Heavy rains can also damage a home’s siding. Properly installed gutters can reduce water damage on siding and roofs. Making sure the seals around doors and windows can prevent rain from entering the home or office.

This season of unpredictable weather can often become severe. Two of the greatest offenders during spring and summer are high winds and the increased chance of flooding due to rising water levels in lakes, rivers, and streams as a result of heavy rain that falls in a short period of time.

So what does all of this have to do with asbestos? Following a heavy rainfall event, property owners frequently do some renovation around the home or office. While renovating, you may be replacing insulation, sanding and repainting walls, replacing damaged wood or tile floors or renewing ceilings. All of these renovations may include asbestos containing materials. It is highly recommended that you have materials tested before renovations of any kind. Here’s an important article on what a property owner should know about asbestos.

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