Weather Disasters: Does Heat Damage a Home?

peeling paint

The long, lazy days of summer are perfect for day trips to the beach, picnics with friends, and much-anticipated vacations with family. The landscape is bursting with color under a clear blue sky and the evenings are aglow with the twinkling lights of a thousand fireflies. But when the sun is hot and temperatures soar – especially for extended periods of time – your home is at risk for damage.

Excessive heat can damage the paint on the exterior of your home. The heat can cause paint to bubble, chip, and flake, opening the way for moisture to find its way inside your home. If the condition persists, mold can become established. Once established, mold can cause health problems and can be costly to eradicate.

Your roof is another area that is subject to damage from the hot summer sun. Direct, hot sun will cause blistering and cracking on any roof material, particularly asphalt shingles. High temperatures can also lead to the expansion and warping of a roof, leading to cracked shingles that can leak. They can also dry out the caulk around your roof’s flashing and damage your roof structurally.

Do you have a deck? Prolonged exposure to heat and sun can cause the wood to become dry and discolored, and the coating will eventually crack and peal. Inside your home, hardwood floors can swell with moisture and even fill gaps under the baseboards. And in extreme temperatures, the flooring can expand too much and cause your floorboards to buckle.

Here are some tips to help avoid heat damage to your home this summer:

  • Make sure the air ducts in your attic are maintained properly. If you live in a hot, humid area, consider coating and sealing your roof to prevent moisture and/or sunlight from seeping in.
  • Inspect the exterior of your home weekly, checking painted areas closely. Consider repainting affected areas with elastomeric paint, which creates a barrier against moisture.
  • If you need to sand and re-stain your deck, look for a protective coating product and be sure to strip the current layer thoroughly before reapplying.
  • Make regular exterior maintenance of your home a priority. Inspect the roof, siding, and foundation and call a professional if you notice something wrong.

The subtle dangers of excessive heat and asbestos can be managed if you know what to look for. So, stay informed about what to look for, and seek the help of a professional before problems get out of hand. Make this summer memorable for all the right reasons!

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