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Asbestos Management Services: Comprehensive and Expert Solutions

At Paragon Environmental, we specialize in meticulous asbestos assessment, testing, and removal in Denver. Our team, equipped with extensive training and credentials, is adept at addressing asbestos-related concerns in various settings, from residential homes to expansive commercial buildings. Our commitment to continuous education ensures we remain at the forefront of abatement techniques, employing advanced equipment and practices.

Upon arriving at your Denver property, our technicians conduct a thorough asbestos inspection, meticulously examining suspected and hidden areas for asbestos presence. This detailed inspection process is crucial for a comprehensive asbestos test, enabling us to formulate an effective strategy for restoring the safety of your home or business.

We work on both commercial and residential properties to carefully remove asbestos – alleviating serious health concerns for customers, tenants or family members.

Because even minor asbestos exposure can lead to serious health concerns for your family or co-workers, we highly recommend that you use a professional contractor with expertise in asbestos abatement. Paragon has the professional know-how and experience to solve your abatement problem.

Understanding Asbestos Health Implications

Despite common misconceptions, Denver properties built before 1980 must undergo asbestos testing before any remodeling, as mandated by Federal OSHA Regulations. Prolonged asbestos exposure poses significant health risks, potentially leading to severe diseases. Asbestos fibers, often found in vinyl tiles, sheeting, and “popcorn” ceilings, require professional sampling and analysis. Knowing the asbestos content in these materials is essential for making informed decisions regarding their safe handling.

Professional Asbestos Removal and Abatement Services

asbestos removal Denver COWhen dealing with asbestos in your Denver property, rely on our licensed asbestos removal team. We expertly handle asbestos abatement, including popcorn ceiling and asbestos tile removal, prioritizing safety and efficiency. It’s crucial to avoid disturbing materials suspected of containing asbestos, as damage can release harmful fibers. Our approach involves isolating the affected area to prevent fiber spread, ensuring a comprehensive and safe asbestos remediation process.

What are the procedures for Asbestos removal?

Asbestos Abatement Denver COParagon Environmental follows a three-step process as indicated below.

  1. First and foremost, we seal the contaminated area. It is critical to contain the area where asbestos is present in order to prevent the spread of asbestos contamination. Any amount of asbestos can be dangerous.
  2. The next step is the removal of all asbestos fibers. Removal procedures must follow the guidelines prescribed by OSHA, EPA and CDPHE. Our certified technicians collect the asbestos fibers and place them in sealed disposal containers. At this time, all technicians are wearing protective equipment and respirators.
  3. Finally, we perform a thorough cleaning of the area. To remove all traces of asbestos the area must be thoroughly cleaned. Paragon uses special HEPA-filtered vacuums and cleaners to meticulously eliminate any asbestos fibers and safely return the environment back to the property owner.

Emergency Response and Expert Consultation

In cases of asbestos discovery in your home, Paragon Environmental offers around-the-clock assistance, with live support and prompt response for immediate estimates. Our customer-centric approach includes thorough guidance and education during the asbestos assessment, ensuring clarity and transparency throughout our services.

Why Paragon Environmental Stands Out

Our reputation in Denver CO for exceptional asbestos inspection, testing, and removal services stems from our dedication to customer satisfaction, competitive pricing, and expertise in the field. We are committed to honesty and integrity, avoiding shortcuts and providing candid advice tailored to your needs.

Comprehensive Asbestos Abatement and Ceiling Removal Solutions

Asbestos Inspection Denver COFor Denver residents concerned about asbestos exposure, Paragon Environmental provides a range of services, from popcorn ceiling to asbestos tile removal. We extend our commitment to safety beyond the workplace, safeguarding the community at large from asbestos risks. Our certified professionals offer cost-effective solutions for asbestos inspection and testing, ready to respond to both emergency and planned projects.

If you suspect asbestos in the building materials of your commercial or residential property, please give Paragon Environmental a call immediately. We can schedule testing with one of the reputable testing facilities we work with. If the results indicate that asbestos is present, we’ll take care of removal quickly, with as little impact as possible to your family or coworkers. We know how to safely remove asbestos from your property without putting you or others at risk.

Contact Paragon Environmental for your asbestos assessment needs in Denver CO.

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    We had a flood in our home that uncovered the presence of asbestos. I called 3 companies to come out and give me a quote for the abatement. Paragon Environmental was the first to respond and hands down the most professional. They communicated very well and did exactly what they told us they were going to do, when they said they were going to do it. Our experience with them was very positive, I would recommend them to my closest friends.

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