Can The Presence Of Asbestos Cause COPD?

As we write this article, the news of the fire in Maui and the devastation for the town of Lahaina, Hawaii is still fresh in our minds. With the fire having destroyed most buildings, we worry about the people searching for survivors and those who are searching through their burned-out homes. The possibility of asbestos …

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Weather Disasters: Does Heat Damage a Home?

The long, lazy days of summer are perfect for day trips to the beach, picnics with friends, and much-anticipated vacations with family. The landscape is bursting with color under a clear blue sky and the evenings are aglow with the twinkling lights of a thousand fireflies. But when the sun is hot and temperatures soar …

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Weather Disasters and Asbestos

When hurricane Ian churned through the southern United States last year, the damage in its wake was shocking. This sudden, catastrophic event not only claimed 148 lives but also destroyed homes, businesses, infrastructures, and more. The images of death and destruction that dominated the news for weeks are forever etched in our memories. Less obvious …

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Keeping Your Family And Co-workers Safe From Asbestos

What Is Asbestos? Asbestos refers to a group of naturally occurring mineral fibers found in rock. It is usually white, and its matted fibers can be crumbly if disturbed or if it deteriorates. Its strength and fire-retardant capabilities propelled asbestos use into many industries, especially construction, where it was used widely as a building material …

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Checking car brake system for repair at car garage

Why Is Asbestos Still A Problem In The U.S.?

The hazardous health effects of asbestos exposure have been widely publicized for decades. Although its use has been heavily regulated in the United States since passage of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, not only does asbestos continue to make international headlines but it is also responsible for thousands of deaths annually here …

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What Is Colorado Regulation 8?

If asbestos is suspected – during renovation or following a flood or fire – Paragon Environmental will have that area tested before removing any materials. Demolition proceeds only after all materials are tested. This is the standard required by law in the state of Colorado. Colorado Regulation 8 includes important information that you, and your …

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Frequently Asked Questions About Asbestos Removal

Certainly there’s a bit of mystery around asbestos – people don’t think it’s around anymore! Asbestos is not something that is on the mind of most people. So when the term pops up following a flood or fire, or during renovation, we get questions. We hope this article helps answer your questions. If asbestos is …

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Contractor With Hard Hat and Tool Belt Facing Custom Master Bathroom Design Drawing Details

What You Need To Know About Asbestos Testing and Inspection

Recent news articles on the Indiana fires that have taken place at huge commercial facilities remind us of the dangers present to the community when there are unknown particles flying through the air. Buildings constructed before 1980 were probably built with materials containing asbestos. Even without a fire, a home owner should be aware of …

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